Best Of Week - 14: What if you have only 200 Rupees left in pocket?! Spend it with your intellegence! You can select from the follwing topics: 1. Spend your day with 200Rs only. 2.Buy as much as you can with 200Rs. 3.Tell others how to spend 200Rs in the most worthwhile way. Tips : 1.Use kijye donon hashtags #200RsChallenge aor #BestOfWeek. 2. Notice ke lye video description aor clear cover ki bhut zaroori hai. 3. Video mien Apny face/ awaz ko show kijiye aor apni originality ko sabit kijiye. 10 videos collect kiye jaaen ge aor 1 video jis ko sab say zyada likes milay, get 50USD! Video collecting time: 19th-23rd, Aug. Voting time: 17:00,23th-17:00, 25th Aug Winner of #BestOfWeek-13: @dawood_rajput @Ali Raza @M Lehrasib Qayyum